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Do you need to come in for a gynecological consultation or checkup?

Disorders of the female reproductive system can range from abnormal anatomy, issues with menstruation, hormonal disturbances, sexual issues, infections, endometriosis, uncomfortable issues around menopause, or tumors—either benign or malignant. Below we'll outline some of the symptoms you might experience that would require you to come in for a visit, categorized by the stages of life.

If you experience any of these symptoms, or anything else that you think might require a professional opinion, book a visit to Dr. Faris Medical Center. We'd love to help you.

General Gynecology

These are general symptoms that any female of any age might experience:
- Trauma to the genitals or soreness
- Redness or itching of the genitals
- Abnormal discharge, fluid especially with a strange color or odor
- Any pain in the pelvis

Pediatric Gynecology

In addition to the general gynecological symptoms, if you've just recently grown to puberty or are nearly there, or if you have a young daughter at that age or who is still a small child, you might observe:
- The absence of an opening in the genitals (labial fusion)
- Genitals that don't look normal (congenital anatomical anomalies)
- Breast growth or the occurrence of the 1st menstrual period before 8 years
- No breast development by the age of 13 or the absence of menstruation until 16 years
- A swelling of the belly around puberty with the absence of periods (imperforate hymen)

Symptoms during child-bearing years:

You might experience these symptoms in the years during which you have your period:

- Extreme discomfort before or during menstruation (premenstrual syndrome)
- Excessive or prolonged bleeding during your period, or the presence of pain, or the absence of menstruation altogether - - Pain, discomfort, or bleeding during sex
- The appearance of excessive facial hair on the back or belly

Symptoms of premenopause and menopause

If you (or your mother, relative, or friend) is around the age of 45, those strange, seemingly unrelated things you might be experiencing could be menopause or the stage starting a few years before it called pre-menopause, during which you might experience:

- Irregularity in your periods (that were previously regular)
- Suddenly feeling hot and red around the face, head, neck, and chest
- A sudden feeling of cold chills
- Excessive sweating at night
- Sleep disturbances
- Mood changes
- Weight gain
- Vaginal Dryness

How can we help you ?

At Dr. Faris Medical Center, we offer you a wide array of gynecological tests, investigations, and imaging services that could help us diagnose your condition with superior accuracy, and treat it effectively.


We believe in the old adage "Prevention is better than cure", and it can't be more true when it comes to cancer, the scourge of modern healthcare. We offer you the following screening tests that can detect these cancers: Pap smear for cancer of the cervix (the gateway to the uterus) Ultrasound scans for cancer of the uterus and the endometrium (the inner lining of the uterus) These can be performed routinely when you don't have any symptoms to catch early cancer growths


Endoscopes are devices that allow viewing and manipulation of internal organs, and are nothing short of a revolution in the medical field. The gynecologists at Dr. Faris Medical Center are constantly up-to-date on the procedures and guidelines of gynecological endoscopy, deftly employing highly sensitive techniques, both to diagnose and to treat your condition. Gynecological endoscopes can either enter through your belly and visualize the organs in your abdomen and pelvis from the outside (laparoscope) or enter through the genitals to view the gateway into your uterus—the cervix—and the inside of the uterus (hysteroscope).

Ultrasound Scan

The ultrasound scan is the crown jewel of gynecological investigations and is the most preferred imaging technique. It allows the non-invasive visualization of the organs inside your abdomen and pelvis, including the inside of your uterus and the different layers of its walls, and your ovaries, inside and out. Ultrasounds can be obtained from the surface of your belly or through your genitals. The machine is only as good as the doctor handling it, though. Our gynecologists are trained thoroughly and extensively on ultrasound imaging techniques, and are able to identify the smallest of anomalies, and take the most minute of measurements available through the technology, which allow profound insights into your reproductive health. Our founder himself, Dr. Mohamed Faris, has a natural talent for ultrasonography, and has been a member of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) since 2002.


If you are diagnosed with any gynecological disease you will find that our doctors will help you learn as much as you can about your condition. We offer tailored, compassionate, and affordable care, and our doctors will discuss with you all treatment options available so you can make an informed decision on what best suits your preferences.

Treatments & Surgeries

Laparoscopic surgeries

The laparoscope is an endoscope that is inserted into your belly through a small opening to view the organs in the abdomen and pelvis. It can help your doctor see your uterus and fallopian tubes from the outside, as well as your ovaries and other organs.

Dr. Mohamed Faris (who trains all our staff and other professionals across the country) is a pioneer in laparoscopic techniques. He was the first doctor in Egypt to remove an ectopic pregnancy using laparoscopy in 1985, and was also the first to perform a laparoscopic hysterectomy in 1993.

If you need to undergo laparoscopic surgery, rest assured that you've come to a place where the knowledge and skills in this field are world-class.

Hysteroscopic surgeries

The hysteroscope is a type of endoscope that is inserted through your genitals in order to view your cervix and uterus from the inside.

Dr. Faris Medical Center is a hub of knowledge for hysteroscopic surgeries, where our expert surgeons are on a path of constant development and learning, and disseminate that knowledge all over Egypt.

Our newest technique, the transhymenal hysteroscope allows performing these surgeries on girls and women who haven't been married with no visible effects whatsoever.