43 Abd El-Hameed Badawi St., El Nozha, Cairo

Our Facilities

Dr. Faris Medical Center is a professional establishment that feels like home! The moment you walk through the doors you are greeted with smiles from our friendly staff. Our doctors are qualified from the highest educational edifices, and our facilities are stocked with cutting edge technological equipment. We guarantee you will feel at your ease and in good hands at our Center.

Waiting Areas

Our 2 waiting areas are large and spacious, so you lounge comfortably waiting for your appointment. But our waiting times are so short, you probably won't get to use them that much anyway!

Doctors Office

Our doctors' offices are designed with you in mind, with examination tables and ultrasound equipment right there so you don't have to move. The offices are also fitted with curtains for your privacy.

Operating rooms

The operating room at Dr. Faris Medical Center are always maintained to the highest degrees of cleanliness and sanitation. Our staff are diligently trained on operating room procedures preventing contamination to maintain the highest degrees of safety and infection control in all our procedures.

Inpatient rooms

After the ordeal of birth or surgery, we know how much you need your rest. Our 6 rooms and suites are decked with all manners of comfort and amenities to make sure that your recovery is speedy and comfortable.


We KNOW this is a huge issue for you… sometimes a deal breaker. We pay attention to that! We maintain strict levels of cleanliness to ensure that your experience with us is satisfactory and to your liking.


The nurses and staff at Dr. Faris Medical Center have been with us for years, and some even started their nursing careers with us. They treat the place as their own. They're not just staff… they are a part of our family.

We hand-picked the most highly qualified calibers, and provide them with constant training; they are capable and willing to tailor any aspect of your experience at our Center to your comfort.

It's as if you're giving birth with the support of your own family, taking care of you in the times when you are most vulnerable.

That's how our family takes care of yours.
Just push the button.

Documentation and filing

Dr. Faris believes in orderliness, thoroughness, and clarity, and has trained everyone at the Center to hold up those ideals. Our documentation is as thorough as they come, making sure every one of our patients has a detailed file in our database, containing all their medical information, accessible to their doctors at all times.
On your first visit to our Center, our admins will compile your medical records which will include:
• Your demographic data: such as your age, height, weight, and residence
• Your past medical and surgical history, which includes any diseases you suffer from or suffered from in the past, or any surgeries you might have had.
• Your Medication history, encompassing all the medications you're currently taking, as well as their doses and regimens
• Your family history, including any diseases suffered by your family members that have genetic or familial components

Are you having an emergency?

If you feel you need to come in right away, you’ll find someone there at all times to tend to you.

If you’d prefer to call ahead, our are available 24/7 to answer your questions and instruct you on what you need to do. They’ll contact your doctor for you and let you know if and when you need to c  ome in.

Call us on:

Tel: (+202) 21803250 – (+202) 21803251 – (+202) 21802873

Mob: (+2) 01065790630 – (+2) 01200223281

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Always happy to welcome you at our Center, you’ll find someone there at all times to tend to you.